Meet the Artist 

Natasha is a creative artist who is ever changing and trying to re-create moments that has taken her breath away. 

Her art only started to truly come out of her and onto canvas in 2007 after the loss of her sibling.  The art was a form of healing and therapy through that difficult time. Her art was similar to Jackson Pollock.  As time went on, she began selling her art to ones who enjoyed what they saw in her home, and from there sparks were ignited and the desire to paint became stronger. Over the passing years Natasha felt that she had discovered something that was truly something for her, a healing from within, but wanted to also share the joy and love she has with colours and the canvas with others.

Natasha is fueled by her passion for vibrant colours, waves, palm trees, sunlight, and images that bring her smiles and joy.

Spring Time

She considers herself a ‘forever student’, eager to both build on her foundations and learn from those mentors around her.  From the artist of old to the artists of today.  Spending much time in galleries around the world, truly studying the paint strokes, the use of colour and gaining more understanding of other artists. 

Although she does not consider her art completely original unless stated otherwise, she has taken the art of others around her and tried her best to recreate it. Similar to artists like:  Warhol, Manet, Monet, Gaugin, Bosch, Mir, Da Vinici, Titian and Levine. Natasha’s recreating art simply to have friends and family and all to enjoy. 

Natasha wants to bring colour, beauty, joy and a sense of peace with calmness in her art. She wishes that everyone looking at her art, to just want to ‘be there enjoying that feeling’.

Natasha values creativity, mindfulness and doing her best to live up to the great artists around her that have inspried her to just ‘try’.

Much of Natashas inspiration comes from what she sees in her travels, through photographs and the natural surroundings.  She is often found behind the

of her camera or iPhone trying to capture a moment, to which she then brings that photo back to her studio to try her best to replicate that moment for you to enjoy.

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